The most obvious reason – we are a law firm.  We are experienced in this field and are able to help our clients manage their debts.  The goal is to eliminate debts altogether or negotiate them down so that the client will pay only a fraction of what is owed.


The Difference is Real

You may have seen debt settlement services on television.  Most of these services are done by non-lawyers.  Once retained, the shortcomings of these enterprises unfortunately become apparent.

The first shortcoming is that debt settlement firms cannot represent you in court. Once a lawsuit is filed, you are in litigation.  Non-lawyers cannot represent your interests at that stage.  You can either represent yourself “pro bono” or you will hire an attorney to represent you.

Second, some creditors will not negotiate with non-lawyers even before a complaint is filed.  So while these debt settlement services might be successful is settling some of your debts, most likely they will not be able to settle ALL of the debts.

Hiring a debt settlement service may be a fit for some people, but why take a chance?  The Coppola Law Group can work with all your creditors, pre suit or after legal action has commenced.

If you or a loved one is stressed out about the amount of your debts, please give us a call.  732-722-7690.