Mass Tort Lawsuit Funding Helps Victims Prior to Settlement

Lawsuit Funding for Defective Product Cases

Collecting on your mass tort injury lawsuit takes time, sometimes as much as four (4) years! Waiting out the litigation process can put tremendous amount of strain on your financial resources. Chances are you will eventually receive a substantial award. But until your case is settled, your bills keep piling up.

Lawsuit funding transactions are agreements between a plaintiff and a lawsuit funding company which provides immediate cash to litigants BEFORE the lawsuit reaches settlement. Lawsuit funding is routinely given for mass tort personal injury cases such as Transvaginal Mesh (TV Mesh) lawsuits, Hip Implant Product cases, and others.

In order to qualify for lawsuit funding (also known as settlement loans, lawsuit loans or settlement funding):

  1. You must have a pending lawsuit against a defendant.
  2. You must be represented by an attorney.
  3. You must be approved for lawsuit funding by a settlement funding company.

Settlement loans are generally described as “non recourse” loans. This means if there is no settlement, the cash advance is not repaid. With lawsuit funding, the funder takes on the risk and you get the financial relief.

There is a great deal of risk in advancing money to litigants through lawsuit funding. This is especially true for cases against large corporations who are named in national mass tort lawsuits. Our underwriters are experienced and skilled in this arena and routinely advance money to help clients in their time of need. Mass Tort Resources is all about helping litigants seek justice.


Getting Started with Lawsuit Funding

The process of obtaining lawsuit funding for your mass tort lawsuit is easy.

  1. Fill out the Quick Application.
  2. Someone will contact you immediately to discuss your situation and explain your lawsuit funding options.
  3. With your permission, an underwriter will discuss your case with your attorney.
  4. When your case is approved for funding, we immediately prepare an agreement.

Below is a list of defective products and devices that MTR will take into consideration for lawsuit funding:

No matter which product liability lawsuit you are engaged in, Mass Tort Resources can help you!